Who Is This GDPR Support Service For?


Who Is This Service For


Is Our GDPR Support Service For You?

If you are looking for a ‘do it yourself’ solution for your privacy compliance, this service is not for you.

Who Is This Service For?

If you are a business that does not have the privacy resources of larger businesses but still require access to professional privacy specialists, then our service is directly made for you.

We offer help and support in completing your GDPR & DPA 2018 obligations and requirements. 

Pro-active View of GDPR – It Is Also An Opportunity

We take a pro-active view.  GDPR is by its very nature a disruptive force in the procedures and operations for running a business. Your objectives may go beyond simply ticking the compliance tickboxes.

Privacy compliance does offer an opportunity to review related areas in your business marketing and sales methods.

GDPR forces business to focus upon the quality of their customers and prospecting methods.

Does your business now have a solid precedure that is GDPR compliant and meets legal requirements when prospecting for new clients and customers?

This focus upon quality can actually be turned into a comptitive advantage using natural business laws that arise as a result of these changed circumstances.

  • Disruptive Effect  
  • Adapt and Change 
  • Display Changes – Make It Easy To Show You Care About Privacy 
  • Gain Trust
  • Focus Upon Quality
  • Amplify

Business Website Design GDPR Standards

Many businesses will use their website as a primary way of generating new business and leads. Our website design service means your website and supporting services are built to GDPR standards. Increase your peace of mind by having specialists who understand what your website requires to meet this complex set of privacy standards.

Problems That Are Not Your Fault

If you have had problems and frustrations trying to complete your GDPR compliance project on your own, it is not your fault.

problems with GDPR not your fault

This is a potentially severe piece of regulation with many far reaching effects and consequences.

You probably started out with good intentions but soon realised the scope and knowledge required to implement these regulations was beyond your experience.

The Reality

The reality is that unless you want to dedicate yourself to acquiring a good working knowledge of the law and then in addition spend months getting to grips with how to comply with the GDPR regulations, professional help is your best way of getting your privacy project completed. 

To discover just some of what will be needed to complete a GDPR privacy project, get more details here.

Budget for GDPR Project

You will need to provide a budget for your GDPR project and you can find more details here

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