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Frustrating GDPR & DPA 2018 Problems?

You know must comply with GDPR & DPA 2018.

New standards for carrying on and conducting business have been laid down and must be adhered to by all businesses and organisations.

Are you meeting these new standards?

Are these some of your issues? 

  • Unsolved GDPR problems?
  • Failing to start or not completing GDPR requirements?
  • Finding it too complex?
  • Have no time or are finding it is too time consuming?
  • Unaware of the hidden problems?
  • No qualified or knowledgeable staff in GDPR regulations?
Privacy Protection Together – GDPR Support For You

New Standards For Conducting Business And Operations

If you have so far ignored GDPR and hoped it would go away then you are not meeting the ‘new standards’ required of business and organisations. 

These New Rules Mean New Standards

know the rules GDPR and DPA 2018 - GDPR Support For You .

Privacy Protection Together – GDPR Support For You

Your Business Needs To Change To Meet These New Standards

You can make your business or organisation better and prepared for the future, by ensuring it meets these new better standards that are demanded both by the regulators and your customers.

Step 1

Assess where your business or organisation currently is and what needs to be done to become compliant and meet these new standards. Each business is different and will have differing needs based upon their business type.

Step 2

Begin the implementation process and complete your GDPR compliance project

Step 3

Your business or organisation can feel the benefits of being compliant. There are indeed hidden and unexpected benefits that can arise for businesses that adhere to these new standards.

You will have peace of mind and can feel happier knowing you have protected, secured and safeguarded your business or organisation

Step 4

Embrace the benefits that ongoing reviews and updating of processes and security will bring your business or organisation.

Privacy Protection Together – GDPR Support For You

GDPR – Burden or Benefit?

Many businesses and organisations have viewed the new GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 privacy regulations as a burden and an extra layer of administration.

is GDPR a burden?

There is little doubt that the new law and regulations does have this effect. There is also the larger picture.

An individual’s private data has now been deemed to be of such value that it is to be given the highest forms of protection. The GDPR gives the individual control over their data and the privacy rights attached to that data. In effect business owners are now in many respects merely ‘custodians’ of an individual’s private data.

Apart from the fines that businesses can now face for breaches, there is the possibility of group class compensation claims and other enforcement actions by the authorities. Data breaches now have the potential to cause a business to go into liquidation because of the size and scale of liabilities they could face.

Privacy Protection Together – GDPR Support For You

The regulations are very cleverly drafted and will work with a ‘top down’ effect. Recent cases show how it will work in practice.

Dixons Carphone data breach was some 10 million records. Under the GDPR rules, the firm could face a maximum of €20m (£17.6m) or 4% of global turnover, whichever is the greater.

A group action is also being pursued against Dixons. Each individual involved in the group action could be awarded an amount by the courts possibly ranging from seven hundred pounds up to several thousand pounds. In this context, 10 million records breached amounts to a potentially very large claim.  

As the outcome from these type of cases filter through to the business community, business owners will become much more aware and alert to the dangers posed by failing to meet their privacy obligations.  

benefits of GDPR

Privacy Protection Together – GDPR Support For You

Data, Network and Business Security Is Now Vital

One thing GDPR has done is force businesses to review their overall operations and processes.

A review of how personal data is held and the reasons for processing it will generally include a review of IT and network security.

Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attacks are now common place and often orchestrated. Most people are aware of the attack against the NHS.

cyber attacks can be costly

Privacy Protection Together – GDPR Support For You

For the larger economy as a whole, an orchestrated cyber-attack against the top 1000 businesses in the country has the potential to cripple the economy.

Smaller businesses are equally at risk but often have less protection than they require. A malware attack can result in ransomware disabling IT systems files and data access, until a sum of money is paid to release the crippled files and systems.

The GDPR Requires You to Process Personal Data Securely

The GDPR provides more specifics about what you have to do about the security of your processing and how you should assess your information risk and put appropriate security measures in place. These things are now a legal requirement. Overall this is known as the GDPR ‘Security Principle’

Do You Want To Be The Weak Link In The Chain?

If your business or organisation has poor levels of information security your ability to provide your services and your overall systems are at risk. This can cause damage to your business and cause distress and harm to individuals.

do not be the weak link privacy and security

Privacy Protection Together – GDPR Support For You

As a business or organisation playing its part in the overall economy, do you want your business or organisation to be a weak link in the chain?

A New Business Culture Focused Around Privacy Protection

Elizabeth Denham, the UK’s Information Commissioner, had this to say about the new culture these regulations will bring.

“I want to see comprehensive data programmes as the norm, organisations better protecting the data of citizens and consumers and a change of culture that makes broader and deeper data protection accountability a focus for organisations across the UK.”

Many business owners and organisations now feel that privacy will be central to the nature and culture of their business or organisation, as a result of the changes brought about by GDPR.

time for a culture change regarding privacy

Privacy Protection Together – GDPR Support For You

Consumers and Customers Are Now More Aware of Their Privacy Rights

It is fair to say that business and organisations ignoring these changes will face major problems. Many will be facing worrying times for failing to comply with the privacy regulations. They will also have a major operational disadvantage in the market place.

It will eventually mean businesses are classified as old, outdated and non-compliant or classified as having adopted new business practices and having made the necessary changes in their business operations, nature and culture.

Hidden Dangers of Non Compliance

If the obvious reasons for complying with GDPR are not enough to convince business owners that they must change, many will be caught out when it is too late to do anything about the changes that should have been made.

hidden dangers GDPR

Privacy Protection Together – GDPR Support For You

Hidden just below the surface of GDPR and DPA 2018 are traps that will not be immediately apparent to those who are failing to follow the spirit of these new privacy regulations. Again the end result will potentially be very costly.

What Degree of Risk and Exposure Are You Willing To Take?

There are some easy ways for professionals to look at a business or organisation and immediately get a good idea of their commitment to privacy matters and their level of privacy compliance.

The ‘no-win no-fee’ claims companies have already begun to enter this arena and are actively looking for businesses and organisations that have breached the new regulations. The ability to bring group actions means this will be an area which only grows with time.

As was mentioned earlier, GDPR is a very cleverly drafted piece of regulation and more of its inbuilt ‘top down’ effect will only gradually reveal itself over time.

As a business or organisation you need to make your own choice to move towards this new better standard that is now required.

As you move through the process, you will help to future proof your business or organisation. Ultimately this means it will remove the worry and provide better protection, security and safeguards. Is that the destination you wish to arrive at? 

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** This article is not meant as legal advice and you should always obtain your own individual legal advice upon legal questions specific to your business or organisation
Privacy Protection Together – GDPR Support For You

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